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good morning, everybody. it's monday october the 29th. >> time now is 4:30 and here's lawrence with a track of the weather tracking this monster storm. >> it's a good one. severe weather making its way on the east coast. going to be a strong storm system along the east coast. the rain affecting much of that area. dense fog advisory back here in the bay area. visibility is less than a quarter mile. all that coming up. >> thanks. and here's a live look of all that fog. it is pretty thick this morning. including if you are heading across the golden gate bridge. visibility is going to impact your monday morning drive and the giants won big last night. there may be street closures around downtown san francisco. we'll talk about that coming up. >> it was a big night all the way around. the giants are back on top in the baseball world.
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>> completed the world series sweeper last night winning 4 games to 3 in 10 innings. while most of the celebrations were peaceful. some turned violent. a number of fires were set in the mission district. the damage that was left behind after that big winner last night. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. there are piles of debris here near the intersection of 16th and mission. and we've seen the clean up has already begun. take a look at the violence. thousands of fans fell out on the streets after the game. some fans started setting fires. and police were dressed in full riot gear. we heard reports of firefighters having to be escorted to fight these fires. you can see those flames from up high. just before 1:00, some fans were still out here in the
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streets and officers told them they were unlawfully assembling and they needed to leave. at this point, one arrest has been made. there could be more. we're expected to know more information on how the aftermath turned violent later this morning. cbs 5. >> not all the celebrations in san francisco turned violent. this was the reaction at civic center plaza. thousands of fans gathered to watch the game together. the crowd went wild when the giants finished the sweep of the tigers. >> feels good. 3 years, you know what it is. >> we did it! yeah! . >> oh, my god this is amazing. we deserved this win . this is great. go giants! . >> it was a late night. there were fire works
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in san francisco. another place fans gathered. hundreds of people gathered there for a peaceful celebration. >> for the first time in the world series the giants had to come from behind believe it or not last night. they were tied up in the 10th. ryan on second base. and who else but marco delivered a 2 out hit. surgio took care of the tigers in the bottom of the 10th. the giants hold on for the 4 game sweep winning 4-3. what a night. giants are scheduled to arrive at sfo. i don't think they went to bed, 3:00 this afternoon. celebrations will continue through wednesday when san francisco hosts a parade for the giants. start at the base of market street at 11:00. the team will wind its way to the civic center plaza which should
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be a big day here in san francisco. for all things giants, we've got it covered including championship and world series gear. >> the clock is winding down for people on the east coast to prepare for hurricane sandy. expected to come ashore tonight. there's potential for flooding and power outages that could affect millions. >> conditions along the coast have been steadily getting worse. >> the ocean is angry right now and we're going to see a storm surge. >> sandy is massive. hurricane force winds extend out 175 miles from the storm's eye. >> look at these huge waves up to 40 feet. that's why we're so concerned. >> officials say time is running out to get to safety. >> you better do what they say. the ocean shows you no mercy. >> as hurricane sandy moves in,
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many folks in beach areas have moved out. mandatory evacuation warnings. many wondering how much damage this storm will do. >> i don't think people are as prepared as they should be. >> mary lives near the beach and her brother is a meteorologist. officials predict a storm surge of 11 feet. >> mandatory evacuation. >> 375,000 new yorkers have been ordered to evacuate. >> we have two little kids so pack all of our stuff and leave. >> new york's subway and bus systems have been shut down. airlines have canceled thousands of flights scheduled for today. >> i'm trying to get to north carolina. >> president obama toured fema headquarters and says the federal government is standing by to provide assistance. >> and this is a live picture
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right now at kill devil hills, north carolina. you can see that tide coming in. pretty severe there. transit systems are also being shut down in philadelphia, baltimore and washington. amtrak has suspended service across the northeast. schools are closed today. and the new york stock exchange and nasdaq will also be closed and the united nations has canceled all meetings at headquarters. >> flights have been canceled for the next 48 hours. thousands of flights. boston, new york, philly and washington d.c. just about everything in sandy's sights. so many airlines store planes in those cities, passengers on the west coast will feel the impact throughout the next few days. check flight status well ahead
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of time and don't go to the airport if it's canceled. four flights have been canceled so far from oakland and san jose. make phone calls, get online and check it out. >> this storm is unprecedented. >> it's something we haven't seen quite a while. compares to hurricane hazel back in the 1950s. some kind of hurricane it is right now. winds extending 500 miles outside of the core of the system. watch as it slides inside the coastline. a lot of the rainfall moving along the coast. more and more people live right near the coastline so the prospect for damage even great ear. sandy sitting at 85 miles per hour. category 1 hurricane but the size of the storm we're worried about. atlantic city right in the track. one of the main concerns is you see the
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winds wrapping around the hurricane. there's a threat we could see a storm surge there. 8 to 11 feet. that is something else. if that happens, there's going to be major problems in new york. this is going to be some kind of storm systeming moving on later today. around the bay area, dense fog. dense fog advisory continues along the coastline. that should lift. a lot of sunshine coming our way. more on that and the rest of your roadways. >> monday morning back to morning commute. so far, you can see traffic is nice and light. make out a little bit of fog there in the distance. fog may affect your visibility wherever you go. if you are heading into san francisco, the giants winning the world series last night and so there are some closures. they've closed out that area around at&t park. you can use that 280 extension but
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you are going to have to make a left on to 4th. they are not going to let you continue on to king street. these closures are set to wrap up sometime this morning. other than that the main line to the freeway still looks okay. here's a live look at the golden gate bridge. there is some road work it looks like. that's why that drive time is still in the yellow. you will notice various lanes blocked on the approach and fog once again that's really an issue this morning. up and down 101. here's a live look in the east bay. 880 through oakland and this is cruising both directions. no delay in the southbound 880 ride. continues to move well into hey ward. that is a check of your time safer traffic. >> thank you. the storm is forcing the campaigns of president obama and mitt romney to reshuffle the travel
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schedule. canceled in three states today. he is returning to washington to deal with emergency plans. >> we're going to cut through red tape. we're not going to get bogged down. we're going to make sure we are anticipating and leaning forward. >> our thoughts and prayers are with the people who find themselves in harm's way. >> romney's campaigned canceled three events in virginia yesterday. schedule today appears to still be on track. eased absentee voting requirements. early voting has been canceled in dc and maryland. time now is 4:40. why the new york stock exchange is going dark today. >> a woman who flew halfway around the world just to see the giant's win. >> what the new work course of the space fleet brings home. >> and live pictures this side of ocean city, maryland where sandy is being felt in a big way. much much more coming up. we'll be right back
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the pacific ocean off baja-- after a two week trip to the the dragon has landed. the space x space capsule was guided into the pacific ocean after a two week trip to the space station. brought back a ton of science experiments and equipment. only delivery ship capable of returning cargo now that the shuttle program has ended. >> it's a busy day in the weather department back east and right here as well. >> did you notice my tie? >> i did. >> how about that? the giant's colors. now we're going to get sleep this week. you know what, waking up today to dense fog. looks like very thick as you approach the coastline and just inside the bay. visibility is less than a quarter mile. we're looking at lots of sunshine. maybe not quite as warm as yesterday. 60s and 70s around the bay.
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couple patches of fog. high pressure taking over. showers up toward the seattle area. we're going to stay dry for a day or so and things begin to switch gears. for now, holding on and we're going to see sunshine. look at our future cast. starting out with a couple patches of fog and we take you over to tuesday looking on okay and toward halloween on wednesday, the storm clouds make return. and there we go. by wednesday evening, looks like the rain moving into the north bay. timing is going to be very important for all you trick or treaters out there. it may come late so you may be all right. temperatures looking like this. 74 in san jose. sunshine there. 72 in san mate mateo. as you make your way inside. 60s and 70s. really a nice day outside by the afternoon.
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dense fog this morning. slight chance some of those showers moving in late in the day on halloween showers could continue on thursday and dry weather returns and warmer conditions next weekend. let's check out the roadways. >> overall no big hot spots. you may find road work and fog out there as well. and road closures because of the giant's big win last night. we're talking about that area around the ballpark. you can use 280 extension. they have not shut down the entire off ramp. they are making you detour around at&t. make a hard left at 4th instead of continuing on towards king. that's the best way to get around that closure. you can use 4th to get on to the embarcadero. the main lines to the freeway across the bay area in the clear. you'll notice a lot of green. people may be getting a late start this monday morning.
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14 minute drive timeout of the pass. pretty free and clear. this is a live look across the golden gate bridge. the fog is really thick in spots. you can really see it in a lot of cameras this morning. visibility an issue this morning. that camera is just before the toll plaza. out towards the east bay, 880 in oakland. these headlines are moving southbound past oakland airport. continues to look good into san mateo. northbound 880 is problem free all the way up towards downtown oakland. mass transit looks good. haven't had any reports of any delays. train number 1 got a great start. we have traffic and weather together every ten minutes. back to you guys. >> thanks. 4:46 now. a moderate earthquake struck just outside of salinas.
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about 20 miles east. it was centered near highway 25. residents reported feeling shaking as far away as san jose. no reports of damage or any injuries from that earthquake. oakland police are looking into four shootings within a 6 hour period. the first happened just after 5:00 on hillside. the only death at this point is from the latest shooting about 10:40 last night. the victims --. >> deploy officers as soon as this week to help out the police departments in oakland and stockton. the extra officers will allow the local police departments to increase patrols in high crime areas. violent crime has been on the rise this year. the chp looking into federal funds to help offset the cost. help is also on the way for the san jose fire department.
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33 new recruits will begin a year and a half of training. that's the largest class of recruits ever for the city. a federal grant is helping pay for the new hires. this will bring the number of san jose firefighters up to 683 close to the level before the recent budget cutting layoffs. if you live on treasure island, it's safe to drink tap water again. let the water run for a few minutes first. there was safety after a water main broke. the proposed tax on sodas sold in richmond is the subject of a town hall meeting tonight. politicians and experts will speak. the meeting starts at 7:00. >> it is 4:48 now. all stock markets here in the united states will be closed today as wall street braces for hurricane sandy. the new york stock exchange planned on just closing physical trading floor and
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allowing electronic trading but overnight decided to halt trading completely. in a fresh batch of economic reports are expected to impact trading. latest on consumer confidence. but the main event couples friday when the government releases october unemployment report. last jobs report americans will see before heading to the polls to vote. >> today is the first day facebook employees are allowed to trade their shares. 230 million shares on the market. the employees were able to convert company holdings. the market is closed because of hurricane sandy. >> well, the giant's world series win has one down side for the fans. they couldn't experience the victory at home ballpark. there was a handful of giant's fans who witnessed it
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firsthand in the motor city. sometimes one picture tells it all. as the game ends, giant's fans celebrate. tiger's fans, don't. for the woman who came from the farthest possible place on earth to see a giant's world series, it was better than she could have even imagined. >> i came from afghanistan to watch a couple of world series games and i got to see them win the world series. unbelievable to watch this. i could not even imagine it would go this way that i would watch them win. >> now works for the uso and goes back to work with a giant's smile. >> i've been a giant's fan my whole life and never been able to go to the world series. i couldn't go in 2010. i said i don't care what it takes, i'm going to a game.
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>> go giants. >> big shout out for the san francisco giants for making this possible. we made the journey from san francisco. >> don't wait for the sweep. >> it was a great series. we wish the giants the best. they are a first class team and congratulations from detroit. >> lots of excitement there. we are following breaking news. right now firefighters are on the scene of a two alarm fire. this is in san jose at a warehouse at 19600. we're going to continue to monitor this situation and bring you more information as we get it. >> it is a busy monday. 4:51 now. the movie that ended up on top weeks after it came out. >> plus, sandy is a monster of a storm. we've got a look from space as it works its way up the
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east coast. >> kids really do say the darndest things. the little girl blushing coming your way. before cold & flu season, help prevent with lysol disinfectant spray. and use the lysol no touch hand soap for 10 times more protection with each wash. this season, a good offense is the best defense. lysol. mission for health.
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introducing the new droid razr maxx hd by motorola. now more than ever droid does.
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wake up this monday morning with fog around the bay and coastline. watch out for that. more on your forecast coming up. >> and still no big accidents out there. here's live look of bridges around the bay area. foggy start. bay bridge no delay and everything is cruising. more time-saver traffic coming up. >> this is a fascinating look right here at hurricane sandy. nasa provided this time lapse video as it turned off the carolina coast.
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it's amazing to watch this. >> it's incredible. >> the storm has forced the shut down of mass transit, schools, financial markets today in the midatlantic. we're going to have a live report in a few minutes. >> three cruise ships caught in that too. craziness out on the east coast. 4:55 now. it was a slow weekend at the box office. >> probably not a lot. >> we're responsible for these people. >> argo made it to the number one spot at the box office after three weeks in the theaters thanks to great word of mouth out there. hotel trans ilvania and cloud atlas. paranormal and taken 2 which was good. the first one was better.
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this is pretty cute. pipa middleton got a rather interesting reply when talking to little kids about princesses. >> i bet when you were 10 you loved pink and loved princess. >> i hate princesses. i like vampires. >> that little 6 year old says she hates princesses but the royal sister shrug ged off the comment saying better not talk about that one. >> they say whatever they want. >> it's better when it's in a little accent. >> too cute. it is 4:56 right now. being described as history making. >> hurricane sandy could leave 10 million people in the dark on the east coast. live report from out east as we look live at atlantic city. >> and from celebration to chaos. we'll show you how the
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giant's world series win turned violent in one san francisco neighborhood. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news this morning. >> breakout those brooms, yes, the giants are world series. marked by violence back here in the city. >> it's a race against time. thousands of flights have been canceled because of hurricane sandy. how the storm is affecting flights here. >> and it could be a devastating storm headed toward the eastern sea board. dense fog in the bay area. >> and cruising near the 880, 287 inter change. how last night's celebrations could impact the monday morning drive. >> good morning. it's monday october 29th. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm frank mallicoat. nearly 5:00 now. it's a storm of mass proportions. hurricane sandy is

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